Tuesday, 24 May 2011


Get Digging!

Where is that pot of gold?


Tuesday, 10 May 2011


A Postscript

It is pleasing to live in a village. I have not been here years enough to become part of the furniture and known to all and sundry but I do have a lot of family about and know a lot of other people by sight. One of my visitors from the antipodes changed his camera card whilst we were going round the churchyard at St Mary's the other day. The old one must have missed his pocket as he put it away as it was found there and passed to Diane Chant, whose son keeps the grass cut and looks after things generally. After all her boy might know whose it was. In fact, since I was in a few of the pictures, Diane knew to phone me, and I collected the card from her. All three brothers are in this picture so whose card? I am sure one of them will let me know when they read this! Thanks very much to the finder.

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Thursday, 5 May 2011


Visitors to Stoke-sub-Hamdon

When I was looking at the computer a few days ago I realised that one of my Australian cousins had come on a visit to Somerset and not let me offer hospitality. By a coincidence the next day I received an e-mail from his mother so, naturally I mentioned that I should have liked to have met him. This brought to light that that cousin had moved on to Italy but that his brothers were in Edinburgh! We made contact and they included a visit to Stoke-sub-Hamdon, their ancestral home village, on their way to Paris to meet with other members of their family who were also touring from Victoria.

I have had a suggestion about the picture from one wife but, alas, too late: one should be covering his ears, the next his eyes and the third his mouth! The three of them are sitting on a seat in St Mary's churchyard which was used by their mum when she came over last time.

After they left I went over to Greylake and saw whimbrel for the first time.


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