Saturday, 25 September 2010



Monday 20th and I got an early phone call from a Gaylard descendant from Stoke-sub-Hamdon. Carolan had thought she would have to give us a miss whilst on holiday over here this time but had not realised how near we were to the Somerset place where she was staying with friends. I think she enjoyed her day, all the more because she was seeing places that had not been on the itinerary.

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Ned left on the Tuesday. It had been quite a busy weekend taking in the trips I have mentioned already and also meeting cousins Gordon and Graham from a South Australian line. They were with me when Ned arrived much later than anticipated on the Friday and treated us to a meal at the Phelips Arms on the following day. There was entertainment by a couple of local lads on guitars and I forgot to tell the three of them that one was their cousin Luke!
Ned was well laden with his camping gear and was planning to get to Chepstow that evening when he left me.

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Thursday, 9 September 2010


Rhoda Grace Chant née Longley

30th August and my mother's birthday. I went and tidied the family grave as I had not been for almost a year. Whilst at the cemetery it struck me that I am the only one left who knows where the family lies. This is equally true for the other family grave in the same cemetery!


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