Friday, 22 April 2011


Parking problem

Quite how I was expected to get out of my garage on Sunday morning was a problem. The car was not there when I got up but must have sneaked in whilst I was having breakfast. Such parking is illegal because it restricts egress and It was in order for me to phone the police to report the matter. Sunday, of course, it is a bit difficult and it was a case of: "We'll see what we can do. Please let us know if the vehicle moves." In the event the thoughtless girl who had parked returned about an hour later from the house she had been visiting up the street and I told her she had been reported. My neighbours who have the red and blue vehicles park circumspectly so create no problem. The blue car would have had great difficulty getting out on Sunday, however, and would have needed to call upon the owner of the next vehicle along to move to allow enough room to get out.

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