Wednesday, 28 April 2010


Fate takes a hand

I had not heard from my cousin Diana for a couple of months so phoned today to see how she was faring. She is a busy soul and, although not too steady when walking, at present, is always up and doing. She was on her way out as I rang, so had time only to say that one of our cousins (nearer to her than me) had expressed an interest in the tree so had been sent some information; a response is awaited.

I looked up this new recruit and it got me thinking about Gale kinfolk in that particular line. Gideon Gale is buried at Stoke-sub-Hamdon and several of his children with him. I have also found graves in Wiltshire and Dorset for sons, George Gideon and Malachi. I had no idea about Igdaliah who had married cousin Rosina Chant.

On the Ancestry web site I saw that both Igdaliah and Rosina had died in the 1920s and the registrations made at Mere in Wiltshire. As Jenny will be exploring some of the villages in that area in a few weeks time I was mindful to pass on the two names in case she should see their grave(s) by some chance. I was at a loose end today so decided to start looking for myself as well and travelled up the A303 towards Mere as a starting place. I was quite confident that the two for whom I was looking were not in Mere itself or Zeals, as they have been explored quite well.

From the A303 I went northward towards Stourton and Gasper as they would still be in Mere registration area. I left both those villages for later and decided to look at Kilmington. Why?

Got it in one!

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Tuesday, 27 April 2010



I had made myself so tired last week that Monday was a 'stay at home' day. Today I went first in the direction of Sherborne and for the afternoon decided to explore to the south of Dorchester and see if there were any of my Hansford family in any out of the way spots.
I saw a signpost to Stinsford and knew the village rang no bells as a place to which I had travelled. After one or two wrong turnings I found the church and discovered it was one for which Thomas Hardy's father had worked. The village itself features as Mellstock in 'Under The Greenwood Tree'.


Saturday, 24 April 2010



This is the church which my great grandparents, William and Elizabeth Stanton attended. They are buried in the churchyard together with several of their children and grandchildren.
The family lived a fair step away in the hamlet of Birdsmoorgate and I think the walk to Marshwood on a Sunday would have been a little easier as the way was a good bit less hilly. Perhaps there were reasons I have not yet discovered.
I went down to the church on Wednesday to pay my respects and was lucky enough on my way home to meet the chap who now owns the old family home. He has still got the old, pre-registration deeds and has promised to look them out so I can see just what mortgages the Stantons and the Hansfords took out on the property as security for various family enterprises.

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