Thursday, 15 July 2010


Cousin Wendy

St Mary's at Stoke-sub-Hamdon had standing room only as the village came to say goodbye to Wendy Margetts on Thursday the 8th. She was born Wendy Fowler in 1944 to Robert Fowler and wife Dorothy Mary (Doll) née Comer. Wendy's grandmother was my great, great aunt, Annie Mary Comer née Fane.
It was apparent from the outset that this was to be no ordinary service as the pall bearers came in to 'The Hills Are Alive With The Sound Of Music' from Julie Andrews. Indeed her family wanted this to be a celebration in memory of Wendy rather than to mourn her departure.
The Reverend lady who conducted affairs gave a short introduction then there was a familiar hymn to a tune which was totally unfamiliar to me. The service continued with a memorial address written by one of Wendy's long time friends followed by a reminiscence by her sister Mary and memories from daughter Jacqueline. Another of Wendy's friends then told of their childhood pranks and misdemeanours before we had a final hymn.
It seems a shame that in an increasing number of instances now there is no collection of the names of those attending so that the family has that record to cherish.

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