Tuesday, 10 August 2010


Over fifty years later ....

A week or so ago my cousin Michael Loving and his wife, Wendy, came to see me. I had not seen Michael since I visited his parents with mine, when I was still at school, and it was holiday time. It was at a period when his family was in Axminster. Even after his dad had passed away we used to receive a Christmas card from his mum with bits of family news. When Amy died contact dropped but I had been looking to renew the relationship for some years. This did happen finally as Michael found one of my Internet postings.
Like me he had bits of family memorabilia and his and my pieces will fit together to mend some missing pieces to the puzzle. I did not know that my father had been Will Loving's Best Man but here was a photograph which suggested that was the case. Michael also had an autograph book that clarified the last visit to her sister (his grandmother) by our great aunt Emma, who had married Tom Gale and emigrated to America. This is useful for the Gale reunion which is taking place later this month for members of the family coming from Emma and Tom's son Vernon. It proves that Emma was alive after the date we had thought, although it is possible she died the next year.

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