Thursday, 17 February 2011


Slimbridge W.W.T. Centre

As Slimbridge is and hour and a half away going up the M5, and the weather forecast has been none too special those days when I could have gone during the period since I treated myself to a life membership for my birthday, it was good to find everything looking alright for a visit on Thursday. It was not particularly sunny but that did not matter as long as I got some pictures which were not too dull. I had studied the map of the reserve and took a path which I do not remember using before and which had periodic gaps in the wall for visitors to view birds at the feeding station. One bird which I do want to see, but which has eluded me thus far, is a kingfisher. Reading the notes at one of the hides it would appear that this bird, which does appear at Slimbridge, suffers during very cold winters, so it may have to recover its numbers both here and nationally before I see one.

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