Monday, 21 June 2010


Women who made a difference

Last weekend saw the annual flower festival in the church at Chiselborough. It is always interesting to see a theme in place and how the arrangers have interpreted it. Women who have made a difference was this year and I can think of several others I should like to have seen on display.

To be fair there was a suffragette, but instead of Emmeline Pankhurst, how about Laura Ormiston Chant? She earned the enmity of Winston Churchill and the censure of George Bernard Shaw, among others.

Then there is my third cousin Sylvia, a professor at the London School of Economics. Sylvia is quite a prolific author (with others) in the field of improving the lot of women in the third world and is a not infrequent visitor to conferences on the subject.

A third example of a Chant with a mission is Margaret. Her family line is from Odcombe, although she is American. Her father-in-law was Greek Prime Minister, her husband was Greek Prime Minister and her son is the current Greek Prime Minister.

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