Wednesday, 3 March 2010


William Dampier 1651-1715

The Dampier name, whilst not common, is quite well known in my area of Somerset. William Dampier was from East Coker.
Today I went to Sparkford where there are a couple of Dampier family graves. They may well prove to belong to an unrelated line.
The only possible connection I have in the tree at the present time is where a John Dampier from Chard married a Charlotte Loving from Hawkchurch in 1804. My cousin Michael Loving's grandfather came from Hawkchurch so there is the possibility of a match. Whenever I see the Dampier name I think of the explorer and wonder if there is this oblique connection.

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Wow. I knew the name. I could not recall why until I checked the link. It is true he is not that well known but after reading the wiki, I realised that I had learned about him in school. I wasn't very good at history and chose to continue my studies in geography instead. Every time I eat an avacado or use chop sticks or try and relate to a sub species, I will think of him. Thank you John.

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