Friday, 22 January 2010


Australian Visitors

After the snow we have the rain. The fields are saturated already but will dry out ... depends how long the wet weather continues.

Cousin Jenni and her husband, Steve, came for a few days earlier this week and we went out and about as much as possible. We were quite lucky with the weather and saw a few glimpses of sunshine on Tuesday. I took them on one of my usual round trips and here is a view from Weymouth.

Later we went on to Portland and then up to the Hardy Monument, set on the high ground with views over Dorset. Steve was impressed by the mounds and hollows around the hillside and wants to visit again when it is a bit warmer and sunnier.

We then travelled the coast road to West Bay where many of the boats were standing on the quay for the winter and then back to Stoke-sub-Hamdon via Beaminster.



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