Tuesday, 10 November 2009


Great Aunt Rhoda

Am I about to find a name for one of the photographs in my collection? I have long surmised that this is a picture of Rhoda Annie Avey née Longley, my great aunt. So well thought of was she by my grandparents that their firstborn, my mother, was named Rhoda for her. This carried on a tradition as she was, in turn, named for my great grandmother's sister, Rhoda Smith.

Rhoda was my grandfather's sister and sister to Kate Longley of whom I wrote a short while ago.

Great aunt Rhoda married Robert (Robbie) Avey and they had three children. I had thought, for some reason, that the youngest had never married. Today I discovered that she had and was able to trace a family line through to a second cousin I found using the Internet.

Between us we have established enough detail to confirm I have the right family. We have also spoken on the telephone. Sadly I learn that another cousin in the Avey line for whom I have been searching for a number of years has moved abroad and become difficult to contact. That cousin was born only a few months before me so I was hoping that we should be able to compare notes about our lives and know exactly the events to which we should be referring.

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