Friday, 24 July 2009



Yes, I was good again today and walked up the hill.
This viewpoint marker shows the number of miles to the different hills and dales to which it points. It was erected to mark the golden jubilee of Her Majesty.

I am still amazed that the quarrymen are allowed to take so much stone from the hill, particularly when they are so close to the public amenity area. Some of the stone is reconstituted and used as facing for the new properties in the village. It will take many years for them to mellow to the colour of the older buildings, if they ever do given the way the stone has been treated.

There are a good many wild flowers up on the hill and they provide a feast for bees and other insects.
Quite frankly I do not know if this is a five spot burnet or a six spot burnet. I have looked at pictures of both and can not tell the difference.
It is on a teasel and there are many of those growing on the hill. The craft people often pick the heads and dry them to make ornaments. Hedgehogs are a favourite, naturally.
Teasels used to be used set in holders for carding wool.



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